Music Player

Half the fun of traveling is loading up your MP3 player with all your favorite albums, artists and songs to get you in the traveling mood. This is a great time to be able to listen to newly acquired songs or albums that you’ve been meaning to get around to but just never had the time. Also, try grabbing some noise canceling earphones to block out loud engine sounds and crying babies.

MP3 Players Top Picks
Ipod – Touch, shuffle, nano & classic
Sony Walkman MP3 players

Book e-Reader

Okay, but what if you’re not the movie or music type? Well then you’ve probably got yourself an e-book reader of some sort. And if you don’t - think about getting one for your next trip. These devices give you access of up to 1 million e-books with the push of a button. You’ll never have to worry about lugging bulky books around with you again.

Popular e-book Readers
Amazons Kindle
Sony’s Reader

Movie/Media Player

There’s no better way to kill 2 hours and forget where you are than to get lost in a movie. An MP3 player can make walking through the airport and boarding a breeze. But once you’re situated on the plane, the only real way to relax and kill time is with a movie player. Watch a season of your favorite sitcom or maybe an HBO series from Netflix and next thing you know you’re preparing for landing.

Popular Media/Movie Players
Apple Ipad
Sony DVP-FX930


For gamers, a day without video game action isn’t a very good day at all. Good thing there are some really good portable video game devices on the market today to make traveling feel like home. Just try not to get too caught up in all the action that you miss your flight.

Top Portable Video Game Devices
Nintendo DS
Sony PSP

In-Flight Battery Charger

After a couple hours of use you might start losing power on some of your devices. It’s not always easy to find an outlet at the airport to get a quick recharge – and there are no outlets on the plane. Well good for you that there are couple products out there that’ll keep your gadgets juiced up all day long. Don’t let your laptop or DVR player die halfway threw your favorite movie the next time you’re traveling. Get yourself an electronics charger to ensure your entertainment levels stay sky high until it’s time to land.

Recharge Electronics Without An Outlet
Zaggsparq usb charger (charges electronics with or without an outlet)
InFlight Power USB Unit (charges electronics via headphone jack in airline seat)

Tips For Traveling With Small Children

Even adults can get uncomfortably bored during a flight. So, just imagine how bored young kids can get. Here are some suggestions that can make traveling with your child a much more enjoyable experience – for you, them and everyone else on the plane.

Try to board the plane as late as possible. Children often get antsy having to sit and wait the half hour or so it takes for the other passengers’ to board plane. Make sure you’re checked in then let the gate attendant know that you’re going to wait for the others to board first. While you’re waiting, get a nice seat by the window and watch the planes land and take off with your young one.

Try to upgrade to first class if possible. The more room space the better for everyone. If 1st is not an option, try to get the get the bulkhead (front row) seat in coach. There will be lots of foot room for your child to play while you fly. Also, let your young child talk to the flight attendant. The interaction can be interesting for them and makes the trip more of a fun experience.

Food Do's
Pack plenty of kid friendly snacks like goldfish crackers, teddy grahams, raisins, cereal bars and take some milk if your kid is a milk drinker. A hungry kid is usually a cranky kid and the in-flight peanuts or pretzels might not be to your child liking. Pack sippy cups to transfer over flight beverages.

Food Don’ts
Avoid sugar foods at all costs. I’m sure you’ve seen what your kid is like at home on a sugar bender, imagine that energy concentrated into a small confined area. Then think about the sugar crash – in public. So save yourself some grief and minimize your child’s intake of candy, soda and chocolate on your travel days. Also be sure to check out what the morning flight meal is. If it reads: sugared cereal, sugary donut holes and sugar cookies then pack some of your own breakfast foods. Dry cereals like cheerios work better than yogurt snacks for clean up purposes.

Pack a clean shirt in case kid is sick on self. Pack a clean shirt for you in case kid is sick on you.

Digital Entertainment
If you have one, bring a portable DVD player to play your child’s favorite videos. But you will soon find out that this is a short lived distraction as many kids will tend to get cranky after watching TV for too long. You can also try some audio books or a hand held video game device.

Guess what kids like more than toys? - Being surprised with toys. Get a new surprise toy or activity for every hour of the flight. So if it’s a 4 hour flight, then get 4 surprises ready. Wrap them in tissue paper so it’s like Christmas morning every hour. Also, make sure you bring things that you can do together as well. Kids can only entertain themselves for so long, and if they’re being ignored, then that’s when they can really start acting up. So make sure you bring a couple travel games along as well. Suggestions: Stock up on activity books such as coloring books, sticker books and whatever their favorite character books are. Etch-a-sketch is good clean fun as well.

Congratulations on trying to strategize your trip instead of turning a deaf ear to a child’s meltdown. Most kids who melt down in flight are suffering from lack of attention. But now that you’ve done your homework, hopefully you can have a nice relaxing flight – and the people around you will appreciate your efforts as well.

Programming Your Home Electronics

Setting your DVR might not be at the top of your to-do list when preparing for a long trip, but you’ll be glad you did once you’re back at your home-sweet-home. And even if you forget, never fear. With today’s technology you can actually set your DVR from your phone or wherever there’s an internet connection, so you’ll never miss your favorite shows again.

Top products to set a DVR

Dish Network Deals with DVR

Set your Home Alarm System

There’s probably no better feeling than coming home after a long journey and being able to relax in the comfort of your own home. With that said, make sure your home is just the way you left it by remembering to set the alarm before you leave.

Top Alarm Systems

ADT Home Security

Travel Check List For Long Flights

It’s way to easy to forget something when packing for a big trip. So, here’s a quick reminder list of things you might want to pack in your carry-on next time you have a flight to catch.

  • Book, Magazines And Logic Puzzles
  • Toothbrush And Mini Toothpaste
  • Wet Ones/Wipes/ Hand Sanitizer
  • Change Of Socks, Underwear And Shirt
  • Tissue Mini-Pack
  • Mini Travel Deodorant Stick
  • Gum And Breath Mints
  • Laptop, Netbook, iPad, E-book Reader
  • Portable Charger For Electronic Devices
  • iPod/MP3 Player
  • Snacks, Chocolate Or Candy
  • Hair Brush/Comb And Mini Hair Gel/Spray
  • Bottled Water Bought Or Filled After Clearing Security
  • Airport Security Listings For Approved Carry-On Items
  • Pain Tablets, Sudafed/ Benadryl Tablets (Earache, Cold), Antacids
  • Soft Pillow, Blanket Throw
  • Foot Elevator Or Duffel Bag To Prop Your Feet Up
  • Eye Shade/Mask, Noise Canceling Earphones/Earplugs
  • Slippers
  • Face Moisturizer Cream Travel Size, Lip Balm
  • It's Easy To Excercise On Vacation

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